mercredi 16 août 2023

Analyse d'article (anglais) : Bioethical Assessment of Research with Humanoid or Humanized Biological Entities with Uncertain Moral Status

Le professeur Roger Gil analyse un article de Lucía Gómez-Tatay et Julio Tudela, qui intérroge l'éthique des entités biologiques humaines ou ayant des éléments humanisés, avec un statut moral incertain.

"The authors have provided an excellent update on the state of research into humanized or humanoid biological entities. They have chosen to organize their ethical discernment around the uncertainty of the moral status of such entities. This is an interesting approach. However, we must insist on the anthropological roots of this uncertainty, which stems primarily not from scientific realities but from the diversity of ethical opinions on the status of the human embryo. Today, there is no ethical consensus on the status of the human embryo: for some, it is already a human person, for others it is a potential human person, and for others it is a cluster of cells with an uncertain future..."

Pour lire l'intégralité de l'analyse de Roger Gil : 

Pour lire l'article en lui-même de Lucía Gómez-Tatay et Julio Tudela :

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